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Afarin’s passion for turning ideas into reality comes to life in residential sales, a unique area of real estate where resilience and discipline are as essential for success as creativity and exploration. Her unparalleled ability to foster honest connections with her clients imbue the challenging and exciting experience of buying or selling a home with the special feeling it deserves. While maintaining a genuine sensitivity to her clients’ needs, Afarin does not lose sight of the foundations of her expertise: her decades-long record of relentless attention to detail in every part of the transaction. Afarin is a rare broker who is also a consultant, guide, facilitator, and even a friend to her clients. She pursues their real estate dreams as if they were her own.


Buying / Selling / Consulting

Over the years, Afarin has bought and sold a diverse portfolio of commercial properties across the GTA with relentless ease and efficiency. Afarin’s rigorous work ethic and commitment to transparency has ensured she is trusted not only by her clients, but all those
involved the commercial transaction that she facilitates. Her long standing reputation for excellence in commercial sales has allowed her to foster robust connections with the top players in Toronto’s commercial real estate scene, with whom her professional relationships are built on respect, and verified by performance. When paired with her sharp negotiation skills and quick wit, Afarin’s expansive network guarantees she is always one step ahead of the rest. With Afarin as your broker, commercial real estate is no longer about who you know, but rather who knows you.


Buying / Selling / Consulting

Whether it be miles of Arizonian desert or acres of the GTA’s lush country sprawl, Afarin knows land. The sharp negotiating skills required to excel in residential and commercial sales are put to the test in land: a test that Afarin has consistently passed no matter how many times its rules are re-written. Afarin has spent over two decades navigating this
specialized realm of real estate with the cool air of an expert in her domain, never losing her sharp focus and persistence over the many years it can take to get the land deal done. The essential broker for all land transactions, Afarin leaves no holds barred in her mission to help her clients transform bare earth into the luxurious and profitable enterprises they have always dreamed of.


Buying / Selling / Consulting

As Toronto’s real estate landscape continues to evolve and grow, investors are behind the scenes drawing out next year’s map. For decades Afarin has served as a protector, representative and source of stability for these planners as they work together to see the future. Her seamless and ever growing knowledge of Toronto’s real estate market consistently provides her clients with a sense of security and confidence in their investments; her expertise brings a layer of clear headed calm to the notoriously unpredictable world of investing. Be it short term income properties or new construction, Afarin has spent years successfully negotiating the ins and outs of investment deals with the city’s top builders and buyers. Her knowledge of Toronto’s laws and markets was learned not only through books but rather experience, the invaluable tool to ensuring a successful investment. Whether it’s your first time investing or a routine home flip, Afarin will make the financial leap as easy as a small step on the path to achieving your real estate goals.


Buying / Selling / Consulting

While Afarin knows the GTA inside and out, the neighbourhood she calls home holds a special place in her heart. As an expert in the local market, she takes extra pride in helping people live, love, list local! Explore all Roncy has to offer through her side project @BlogRoncybyAfarin. Contact her directly for pre market exclusives.



When you’re buying or selling it makes more sense to hire an
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